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Email accounts


Every member of the SRCF has an email address on the domain. If your SRCF username is spqr2, your SRCF email address is

In fact, you have as many email addresses as you want, by appending a suffix of your choosing: spqr2-<something> You can use this for filtering different types of email in different ways. You also have equivalent addresses in our old domain,

Incoming mail

You can choose via the control panel one of three possible ways for delivering email sent to your SRCF email addresses.

Simple forwarding

All of your email is forwarded to another address. For this we use the contact address you provided when you signed up, which you can also change on the control panel.

SRCF Hades email service

A modern email service. If you want to read your email on the SRCF, rather than forwarding it to another email service, this is what we recommend.

.forward file and/or legacy mailbox

This is a primitive and somewhat unfriendly system for hosting a mailbox or forwarding mail, but does offer some programmability via the SRCF shell server; by writing an Exim filter file you can, for example, pass email messages to a custom program. This is recommended only for advanced users and people who already have a mailbox on pip which predates Hades.

Outgoing mail

You can send email from your personal SRCF email account over SMTP. This service is part of Hades, but is available whether your email is hosted on Hades or not.

Last modified on Thursday May 6, 2021 by Matias Silva