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Soc-SRCF mailing lists


The SRCF needs to be able to keep in contact with our users at all times (a requirement imposed upon us). We therefore automatically subscribe you to Soc-SRCF, Soc-SRCF-users and Soc-SRCF-maintenance shortly after creating your account. We will also subscribe you to Soc-SRCF-social if you requested this during the signup process.

These are very low-traffic mailing lists—just a few messages per year—and we do our best to ensure that the messages sent are relevant to as many people as possible. We hope that you will not consider this to be an inconvenience.

How we use these lists


This contains members of the SRCF (membership is for life), and receives messages from the committee about such things as:

  • major society event announcements (e.g. AGMs, garden parties) – usually about three events per year
  • rare but important society administrative information (e.g. constitutional amendments) which affect all members


This contains users of the SRCF (which only applies whilst you have an active shell account), and receives messages from the sysadmins which are important to account holders, for example:

  • urgent messages which require the attention of every SRCF user (e.g. security compromises) – very infrequent, we hope!
  • rare but important system administrative information (e.g. terms of service changes) which affect all users


This is used for announcements about planned and ongoing system unavailability (downtime), and announcements about important changes to service provision (e.g. increased quotas, software changes which may require your action). If you are not interested in receiving such messages, you are welcome to unsubscribe, but many users find these announcements useful.


This is a more open mailing list for announcement and discussion of social events (pub meets, LAN parties, garden parties and so on). Any SRCF member is welcome to join or leave this list at any time.


The SRCF has in the past provided career opportunities informally. Join this new list to keep up to date with any employment opportunities, internships and news directly from companies we trust.

Unsubscribing from Soc-SRCF and/or -users

Because we must be able to contact everyone with an SRCF account, you may only unsubscribe from Soc-SRCF or Soc-SRCF-users if you are willing to give up your membership of the SRCF and access to its services. If this is what you want, please contact the sysadmins saying you want to terminate your membership.

If you wish to do so, you may give up your shell account (and so cease to be an SRCF user) while remaining a member of the SRCF. In this case, you will be unsubscribed from Soc-SRCF-users, but not Soc-SRCF, and you are still welcome to attend SRCF events. As above, please contact the sysadmins to arrange this.

Unsubscribing or rejoining other lists

You can subscribe to or unsubscribe from a list from its information page:

List archives

Previous messages sent to these lists can be seen here:

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