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Regular hosting


All accounts include regular web hosting, which is suitable for static content, PHP (WordPress, Joomla, etc.), and CGI/FastCGI. For those wishing to host more advanced web apps with the SRCF (Django, Flask, Rails, Node.js, etc.) and leverage their full flexibility, see this page.

PHP applications

Scripts in public_html using .php extensions will be executed by PHP by default.


Follow our full WordPress installation tutorial .

Static site generators

You can use a generator of your choice to manage your site. Just have it output into your account’s public_html directory.


To create the skeleton project:

jekyll new jekyll
cd jekyll

For a root site (i.e. top of public_html):

ln -s /public/societies/sample/public_html _site

..or for a site in a subdirectory, edit _config.yaml to set baseurl to e.g. /jekyll, then:

mkdir /public/societies/sample/public_html/jekyll
ln -s /public/societies/sample/public_html/jekyll _site

To (re)build the site:

jekyll build

Last modified on Monday Feb 28, 2022 by Richard Allitt