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Statically generated sites


Broadly speaking, there are two types of content that can be served by a web server: dynamic and static. Some websites such as social media or online banking are inherently dynamic by nature; the pages and content you see there are constantly changing. But other sites often don’t have any dynamic content and simply deliver static information to users. Using a web application or fully-fledged content management system for the latter can lead to poor performance, for example slow page load times and unnecessary CPU load on the web server.


Static site generators have emerged as powerful tools which let you turn simple markup into professional and performant websites without having to write cumbersome or repetitive HTML. They allow you to leverage a variety of markup formats, from the simple to the powerful, to produce websites with consistent styling that load quickly. And you’re not totally precluded from having dynamic content in your site; Gatsby is an example that has good integrations which can insert new content into your pages.

A few reputable SSGs out there include:

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