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Building the docs

To build our docs, you will need the Hugo binary. A binary is the bundled up version of a program which you can run as a command, eg. hugo config.

Building on pip

We have hugo binaries available on pip, so if you’re building there, there’s no need to install a binary and you can run hugo as per usual.

Building locally

Sometimes it is useful to preview changes locally, either for convenience or necessity (lack of internet).

  1. Grab Hugo with these instructions
  2. Extract the tarball: tar -xvf filename.tar.gz
  3. Run: ./hugo

The above is easy if you’re on a UNIX-like system, such as any Linux distro or macOS. If you’re on Windows, then Windows Subsystem for Linux or any terminal emulator for Windows (Microsoft Terminal is good) will do just fine but can be fiddly.

Building in production

The production version of these docs is available at

There is a Makefile to facilitate generating the docs and associated files.

Last modified on Saturday May 8, 2021 by Matias Silva