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Game servers


If you want to run a server for your favourite online game (or any other long-running application) you should use, as described here.

Please limit your server to around 1GB of RAM and set it to nice level 19 to avoid causing problems for other users. For example, if you are running a Minecraft server, then the following should work:

nice -n 19 java -Xms1024m -Xmx1024m -jar minecraft_server.jar

It is possible (and probable, in the case of Minecraft) that the default port for your application will be in use. We don’t have any specific rules for picking a port for your application, so just pick high-numbered ports at random until you find one that isn’t in use.

Running at startup

If you want your server application to run at system startup, you can create a cron job for it as described here.

Last modified on Monday Feb 28, 2022 by Richard Allitt