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Mattermost is an open source messaging platform, similar to Slack. See the official user guide for more about its service.

The SRCF’s mattermost instance can be found at, and is the Team Edition. This is open to use for any members of the SRCF as well as their guests.

Policies and features

  • A user must sign up with an, or @* email, unless they have an invitation from an existing user. A user can change their email address to their personal email after signing up.

  • Only team administrators are allowed to create and delete channels and modify their descriptions. (The button to make these changes will still be present in the user interface, but they will not work)

  • Open teams (teams that do not require invitations to join) are not available on our server, since open teams are advertised to all users on the server. If you want to invite a large number of people (e.g. all members of your Facebook group), you can share an invitation link.

  • If you want to delete all messages in a channel older than n days, you can use the following two-step procedure:

    1. Get the channel id by typing /channel_id
    2. Run the command /delete_posts <channel_id> <n> where <channel_id> is the channel id you obtained from the previous step, and <n> is the number of days.

    This an only be run be a team administrator.

Privacy information

The SRCF privacy policy applies. This section describes details pertinent to the Mattermost service.


Your email is used to send notifications to you. The types of notifications you receive can be configured in the web interface.

Data retention

By default, any person who joins your channels can see all past messages. Messages that are deleted in the user interface are not accessible by end users anymore, but remain in the database. Contact the sysadmins if you wish to have your data purged. It is also possible to permanently delete all posts by a user.

User lookup

Your username and name are visible and searchable by other users in the invitation menu. Your email remains private.


The SRCF is only responsible for the web client. When using other clients (e.g. a mobile client), be sure to read their privacy policy.

Last modified on Thursday May 6, 2021 by Matias Silva